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For Sale By Owner

Are you ready for the headaches, paperwork, and the LIABILITY!

Selling a home “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) can be a very complicated and a difficult task if you are not properly prepared. Often times people over look details of selling a home such as proper disclosures, liquidated damages, escrow fees, title insurance, pest inspections, home inspections, tax withholdings, contract negotiations, and legal liabilities to name a few. In today’s buyers market, homes are not selling easily.  Qualified buyers are scarce.  Effective and strategic advertising and internet presence is VITAL! When selling your home for top dollar, it is very important to thoroughly evaluate the “comparative market” to value your home correctly.  Once you have assessed your home for the correct selling price, it is even more important to Market your home properly.  The more people that know about your home, the more potential offers you’re going to receive. This tends to make the offers more competitive and more attractive to you as the seller.

We have agents that specialize in For Sale by Owner properties.  Our agents have sold numerous "For Sale By Owner" properties quickly, efficiently, and for Top Dollar!  We would be happy to discuss with you the value of your home, our custom strategic FSBO marketing plan, and how we get your home for top dollar for top dollar in this tough buyers market.