Realtor Questions Image

Things to Ask your Realtor

Below is a good list of questions to ask your potential realtor

When interviewing agents, if your potential realtor cannot answer all these questions in great detail to your complete satisfaction then move on!  We would be delighted to sit down with you and provide our answers and solutions to each of these questions.  We are sure our answers will leave you confident we are your best choice.


Who Markets my Property?

Will my home be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

Will there be a sign posted in my yard?

What will my Property Flyer look like?

Will there be a caravan of other agents coming to my property?

How do you market local neighborhoods to try and sell my home?

Do you have existing clients that may be interested in my home?

What kind of Advertising can I expect and how large is your Advertising budget?

Show me your Website and how it is better than the rest.

Do you have a RETS feed?

Do you know what a RETS feed is?

What is your SEO and SEM Strategy?....Show me!

Do you know what SEO and SEM are?

What is your Social Media Strategy?....Show me!

Do you advertise in local publications?.... if so please show me examples.

Do you pay for “Search Engine” position on Yahoo and Google?....How Much?....Show me!

How do you keep me informed and updated?

Can you suggest creative or alternative financing methods that may benefit me?

How will you negotiate my best interests?....Give me examples.

Will you constantly follow up with Escrow and keep me informed of any surprises?