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Traditional Sellers

My home is not a Foreclosure or Short Sale and I need to sell!

Reasonable sellers who have priced their homes competitively and know the current market conditions and inventory, are successfully closing escrow.  The key in this market is to have the best representation possible.  If you are a traditional seller and are serious about selling your home in this market,  you CANNOT afford to choose the wrong Realtor to represent you.  You don't have 6 months to test the waters and watch your home's listing price chase the market.  You have to list with an experienced, reputable, hard working agent that will take the time to market your property aggressively and be honest with you about pricing and market comparables.  You have to be able to trust your Realtor to give you the correct advice.  It does not do you any good or represent you fiduciary interests, to tell you what you want to hear.  Having a Realtor give you his/her opinion of value on your home based on some inflated price that you want to hear,  is really doing you a disservice and you will ultimately lose valuable market time, momentum and money with an overpriced and stagnate listing that you may never recover from.  Some of you may be experiencing this now.  The job of a professional Realtor is to really do the work and determine what the true value of your home is and then strategize with you on how to best present your home to the public in order to yield the highest selling price.

Stop Please Pay Attention

Once your Realtor has given you some accurate pricing advice based on a true market analysis, then it is his/her job to aggressively market your home.  STOP....PLEASE PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO OUR NEXT PIECE OF ADVICE!  All Realtors and Brokers are NOT created equal!  Some of us take our job very seriously and have been doing this FULL time for many years.  Others may be selling real estate as a part time job or hobby.  Please choose your Realtor and Broker wisely.  Interview several Realtors and really probe them about their Marketing and Advertising and what they do differently, to get your home sold in this tough market.

Watch out for "Buzz Words"

Be very careful when your prospective Realtor uses "buzz" words or phrases like "Social Media", "Internet Advertising", "Web Site" or "SEO (Search Engine Optimization)"  These are fundamental instruments in marketing and selling your property in today's market.  However, some Realtors throw these terms around without really knowing what they mean or how to use them.  Just because a perspective Realtor has a Face book page or Web Site doesn't mean he/she spends thousands of dollars advertising it or optimizing it to get you the best exposure possible!  It doesn't mean that they have spent the last decade perfecting these methods and are at the forefront of deploying them.  We show you the exact dollar amount we spend on our multiple websites.  We disclose to you how much we spend on the internet and what other kinds of advertising and marketing we do that other companies won't or can't do.  Don't be afraid to go beyond the "buzz" words and ask pointed questions.  Ask Realtors what they spend on internet advertising and how they spend it.  Ask them why they don't have a "business" face book page.  Ask them why their website is not as detailed and informative as ours?  Ask them how their web presence and SEO campaigns generate buyers from all over the world.  Ask them to explain their SEO campaign in detail and who they have managing their campaigns?  The real answers and responses will surprise you.  If you get the "deer in the head light" look or a misdirected vague answer to your questions....move on! 

Our Advertising and Marketing Advantage

We take great pride in really trying to educate our sellers on this buyers market place and the things we offer and do that are out of the scope of most other brokerages.  You need a huge Advertising and Marketing advantage as a traditional seller, NOT selling on price alone!  You need to take advantage of every single method available to expose your home to as many qualified buyers as possible!  This is what we do and what we are good at.  We can show you how we Market and Advertise your home like nobody else can!  We have a full time Director of Marketing with over 20 years of experience, that helps each of our agents maximize their marketing efforts and channel buyers to our listings.  We take advantage of multiple internet websites, both of which are fully managed and optimized in house by our marketing director.  We "Talk the Talk" and we "Walk the Walk" when it comes to Internet Advertising, Online Marketing, Social Networking, and exposing your home to the most amount of qualified buyers as possible.  As you can tell from our website, we spend a LOT of time and resources advertising our listings.  Over the last many years our brokerage and agents have invested over $825,000+ in advertising, marketing, technology and developing some of the best online branding in our area....THAT IS HUGE!  We can show you where our buyers are coming from and what they are looking for.  We put painstaking hours into researching what buyers want and how to advertise our listings so buyers see them first.  In our weekly updates we provide our sellers with valuable information that both the agent and seller can use to make wise decisions about their listing progress and next step.

Give us a call 

One of our Realtors would be happy to sit down with you and explain in great detail how choosing Merrill & Associates Real Estate can make a world of difference in selling your home.  We will also encourage you to interview other agents and give you a list of questions to ask your potential Realtors.  We are honest and upfront about your pricing and the money we will invest to get your property sold and sold quickly.  We will ask your opinion and listen to your comments and concerns.  We are in this market with you!  We live it every day!  We understand the frustrations sellers are having.  We have developed our marketing campaigns and aggressive advertising campaigns around how we would want our own properties marketed and sold!  Please don't be misled on a corporate franchise logo or brand.  Take a hard look at the individual Realtor, their broker support, their experience, their marketing plan, their budget, their willingness to work hard, and their success rate.  You need an aggressive, hard working, honest, dependable agent that is going to fight to get your home sold for top dollar.